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Traders Demand to Stop Piracy

Staff of the PGR secured apocryphal products in the municipalities of Jonuta, Zapata, Tenosique and Cárdenas

Apr 15, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Andrés Gómez
In compliance with a ministerial order, of the preliminary investigation 79/2004-1, personnel of the Procurator General of the Republic secured 481 apocryphal products, during an operation carried out in the municipality of Cárdenas. In past days he also carried out a strong confiscation of pirated products in Jonuta, Zapata and Tenosique

Under the supervision of the social representative of the Federation, elements of the Federal Research Agency attached to the state delegation of Tabasco, they secured 5172 pieces in compact disc format, 407 cassettes, 900 pieces in DVD´s format, 147 cassettes in VHS format, 2 recorders, 3 amplifiers, 2 mini components, one power cell, one modular, 2 speakers and 3 baffles.

This operation took place in semifixed positions in the centre of the different municipalities of the entity, where they confiscated the apocryphal material without being detained.
The apocryphal material was made available to the agent of the Public Ministry of the Federation, who continues with the integration of the corresponding preliminary inquiry.

Affected traders

For their part, presidents of the National Chambers of Commerce of the municipalities of the entity, they ask Juan Francisco Cisneros, delegate of the PGR, to fight relentlessly “piracy” not only of compact discs and audio cassettes, but also of medicines, footwear, clothing, cigars and other products of dubious origin, among them the Chinese.

In the establishment of the Committee on Citizen participation for the care and prevention of intellectual and industrial property offences and the smuggling of goods, the municipal leaders of the established trade pointed to the markets on wheels and fairs, such as the centres of greatest distribution of apocryphal articles.

In this sense supported by his President Carlos Arturo Rosario Pérez, also asked the secretariats of finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and finance, require the payment of taxes to itinerant people in the Tianguis and municipal fairs offer their products.

They also agreed to point out, they must pay taxes and prove with invoices, the origin of the articles that sell to the public and that lack the quality demanded by the official Mexican standard (nom)

They noted that by piracy many shops in the municipalities have closed their doors by missing a significant number of jobs both direct and indirect. Before Carlos Arturo Rosario Pérez, president of the Canaco in Tabasco, the delegate of the PGR Juan Francisco Cisneros committed to the traders, to implement effective mechanisms in combating piracy.

The official acknowledged that despite the favorable results obtained in the last three months at the national level, it should still work more intensely to eradicate that illicit that affects all.

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