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They Wet the Gunpowder

Mexico’s opaque debut against Mali, with whom it drew 0-0 despite the numerous goal opportunities

Apr 30, 2017
Volos, Greece
by agencies
Mexico yesterday had an opaque debut in Olympic football Wednesday to tie 0-0 with Mali. The Mexicans, one of the two representatives of the CONCACAF, clearly dominated the first half and created numerous goal opportunities, but their forwards Rafael Marquez Lugo and Omar Bravo were with the gunpowder wet. In the other game of Group A, Greece and South Korea tied 2-2.

In a stadium with cold atmosphere and some signs of encouragement only for Mali, Mexico set the tone in the first half, with a football moved and precise passes, but lacked cold blood and direction when defining.

Mali, the Cameroon champion’s executioner in the African playoffs of the Olympics, exploded his speed by passages and appealed to the ability of some of his men, especially midfielder Momo Sissoko and striker Dramane Traore. But, not really bothered the archer Jose Corona.

Lacked forcefulness

Mexico maneuvered well on its left side with the side Mario Perez and the steering wheel Israel Lopez, who fed centers for Bravo and Marquez Lugo, who instead of finishing in goal were vanished by the lack of precision and forcefulness.

Mexico tested the arch rival from the first few minutes, but it was at 28 when he created the clearest chance of goal with a finish almost burning clothes of Marquez Lugo after a good collective move.

Then Bravo could not reach a ball that passed near the African arch.

At 33, Malian striker Mamadou Diallo was encouraged with a rayazo from outside the large area that hit a Mexican defense and went to the corner. and shortly after the end of the first time, Marquez Lugo again left with the desire with a dangerous head-butt that was diverted.

Sudden moves

Mali went on the lookout in the complement and immediately almost surprised Mexico. Jimmy Kebe advanced resolved on the left and made millimeter pass to Tenema Ndiaye, who only faced crown-topped deflected.

The Mexican coach Ricardo La Volpe attempted to oxygenate the offensive with the income of Amaury Ponce by Marquez Lugo, but the change did not yield dividends to the Argentine helmsman.

The Perez side almost surprised the 80, by centering a ball that took effect and the archer Cheick Bathly had to uncomfortably clear the palm of the hand. In the final minutes there were more sharp moves than good football, and the game ended without the joy of the goal. Mexico will be measured on Saturday in South Korea, while Mali is playing with Greece on the second day of the group.

Other results

Group A:
Greece 2, Korea 2
Group C:
Argentina 6, Serbia and Montenegro 0
Tunisia 1, Australia 1

Tie with flavor to defeat

Rafael Marquez, striker of the Mexican football team, pointed out that the 0-0 tie to Mali in the tournament of football of the Olympic Games Athens 2004 knows to defeat, as his team had a better performance and could have achieved the victory.

Interviewed at the end of the game played in the stadium Panthessalik, Marquez Lugo, who had one of the clearest opportunities of the play, recognized that it is a bad result, because, from his point of view, Mexico had to go out with the victory.
He explained that the match is a bad result, because the Mexican squadron generated important moves to the front, which would have allowed him to “go with the three points.”

We should have won, laments La Volpe.

The technician of Mexico Antonio La Volpe was satisfied with the 0-0 tie to Mali and said that his team lost many goals for the nerves of the debut in the Olympic football tournament. “The first game is always difficult,” said the Argentinean coach. “The players were hit at the beginning by the tension of the debut.”

“But we should have won, because we wasted a lot of opportunities” to score, he added, alluding to the numerous goal moves that he let his team pass.

The next match with Korea (south) will be different and we’ll fine-tune the aim. Mexico has conditions to advance to the next phase, “said La Volpe.

Striker Omar Bravo, who let out a couple of occasions to score, said to feel “sad for the opportunities we lost.” “Mexico must have won.”
Malian technician Scheik Kobe considered the tie “a good result” and opined that Mexico is an “excellent team, which must come to another instance.”

He was a tough opponent.

“This party will serve us as experience,” he said.

Sissoko Momo, a figure of the Mali team, admitted that “Mexico proved stronger than we expected.” “Ran and collided alike.”

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