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Symposium on Sheep

The experiences of experts will serve to raise new schemes of sheep production in the entity, said the rectory of the UJAT at the inauguration of the event

May 5, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Leydi Broca
With the aim of orienting local producers and turning Tabasco into one of the largest producers of sheep in the Southeast, specialists from the United States, Spain and Mexico speak several lectures during the first international symposium on Tropical Sheep that was inaugurated by Candita Gil Jiménez, rector of the Universidad Juarez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT).

In the presence of Jaime Lastra Escudero, Secretary of Agricultural development, forestry and fisheries, who went on behalf of Manuel Andrade Díaz, state constitutional governor, the rector of the highest house of studies said that the appropriate agroecological conditions that the entity and the southeast region, favor the development of this species with great prospects for growth.

During the event organized by the Mexican Association of Sheep breeders and breeders Associates of the southeast, Gil Jiménez said that this symposium will make it possible to pay the way for the sheep to be more profitable, self-sufficient, modern and competitive, “without doubt the experiences of the experts of America and Europe, to raise new schemes of production,” he said.

The UJAT, committed to research: Gil Jiménez

The UJAT is committed to promoting research and applying it to the benefit of the region, he added Gil Jiménez at the time of urging producers and government authorities to add efforts to transfer technology, genetic improvement of species, the expansion of marketing systems and the transformation of derivatives such as meat, milk and skin.

In the Ship III of the Tabasco Park, Dagoberto Lara Silks, president of Breeders Asociados of the southeast, said that the Mexican southeast is giving the guideline to start a new phase in the national sheep, so that both producers and technicians and researchers need to join forces to consolidate this sector in its greater potential.

After the inauguration ceremony the papers were lectured, “potential of sheep in grazing conditions”, “profitability of sheep exploitation in the tropics”, “new alternatives for parasitic control in tropical sheep”, “aspects of grazing and fattening production”, “traceability and new feeding methods”.

For today, as of 9:30 hours, the topics “genetic improvement as an alternative to promote and improve the competitiveness in production of sheep meat”, “brucellosis”, “quality in carcasses and cuts of sheep” and “integration in the productive chain” will be discussed.

It should be noted that the International symposium is part of the IV National exhibition of hair sheep that culminates until August 15, where more than 700 specimens of sheep from the states of Nuevo León, Aguascalientes, Yucatán and Veracruz are exhibited, among others.

Producer Orientation

UJAT researchers contribute to the livestock development of the entity

Event organisers: Mexican Association of Sheep breeders and breeders partners from the southeast
Symposium Place: In the Ship III of the Parque Tabasco
Timetable: from 09:30 hours
Event Term: 15 August
Exhibition: More than 700 copies of sheep


Potential of sheep in grazing conditions
Profitability of a sheep farm in the tropics
New alternatives for parasitic control in tropical sheep
Aspects of production in grazing and fattening
Traceability and new feeding methods
Genetic improvement as an alternative to promote and improve competitiveness in sheep meat production
Quality in carcasses and cuts of sheep
Integration into the productive chain “

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