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Professionals in Tourism

It is the goal of the degree in Tourism Business Administration offered by the University of Valle de México, Villahermosa Campus

May 20, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Claudia Gómez
Virginia Open Gonzalez, coordinator of the Tourism Business Administration course of the University of Valle de México, Campus Villahermosa, commented that this degree aims to train professionals with a complete knowledge in tourism, with a critical and propositive sense in the administrative economic area, applying the main administrative and research techniques for the generation of projects aimed at creating , expansion and consolidation of companies in the field.

He emphasized that the graduate UVM of this career plays a vital role in the business world, because they have the capacity to create new companies generating in turn sources of employment, “therefore it is a great support to the economy of our country”.

“In the event that our professionals wish to belong to a certain organization are fully prepared, because they have had the opportunity to practice in companies providing tourist services throughout their careers thanks to the agreements signed with important companies operating in the region,” he said.

Also, he stressed that one of the advantages of UVM students is that they can make academic exchanges abroad, since the UVM is part of the Sylvan network, “This is a great benefit, since they manage to have a multicultural education, they can go to any university that is connected to the Sylvan network, making the UVM the equivalence of the subjects and without losing semesters” Ended.

Income profile:
Graduate of the upper middle level
extroverted, creative and empathetic personality
Interest in national and universal history
Interest in learning foreign languages
Like to travel and meet other cultures
Ability to organize, address and coordinate groups and work projects
Attitude of service, national identity, tolerant and ethical sense

Exit Profile:
Identify risks or opportunities and develop proposals
Develop administrative or operational projects for the improvement of the industry
Orientation towards achieving quality, innovation and competitiveness
Formulate and implement strategies in order to position the country as a tourist destination
Leadership for the management and control of the tourist establishments
Broad Cultural Geographic knowledge
Attitude of service to achieve the quality of Mexican hospitality
Design and organize tourism promotion campaigns
Creative and enterprising personality

Field of work:
Exercising in the administrative, promotion, research and development areas of:
Travel agencies
Recreation Companies
Carriers and shipping Companies
Hotels and Motels
Lines areas
Public offices of the tourism sector
In independent offices and consultancies:
Providing advice on the development of the tourism industry
In educational and research institutions:
Exercising the teaching and development of specific studies in the field
Teaching Chair

Study Plan:
University identity Area (Common trunk):
Quality for globalization
Socio-political and economic environment of Mexico
Computer Tools
Critical Thinking

Professional Basic Area:
Introduction to the study of tourism
Food and beverage Services
Tourist Heritage of Mexico
Accommodation establishments
Organization of restaurants and bars
* Among other basic subjects

Professional specialization area (compulsory subjects)
Professional application in food and beverages
Operation of lodging establishments
Food Administration and preparation
Professional application in hosting establishments
Administration of bars and oenology
Food and beverage cost analysis and control
Planning of the tourist area
Organization of the tourist transport
Tourist legislation
Social Marketing and services
Quality Management in the service
Professional Ethics in tourism companies
Formulation of tourism projects
Professional application in Travel services
Group Management and Operation
Tourism marketing
Tourism Business Accounting
Tourism Research Seminar
Evaluation of tourism projects
Animation and Recreation
Sustainable tourism

Elective subjects:
Company Address
Diagnosing the corporate image
Air transport
Management Strategies by Quality
* Among other

Next Admissions exam: August 13th
Opening hours: 10:00 hours

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