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Orientate to New University

Imparts the UVM induction course to students of new income level degree

May 25, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Claudia Gómez
“With the aim of engaging students from the outset in all that concerns the UVM,” such as their policies, their regulations, their services, and so on, they are being taught the induction course for new students of the undergraduate level, “said Ana María Domínguez Utrera, Student Development Coordinator of the University of Valle de México , Villahermosa campus.

He said that in this way the young people will know from the beginning the regulations of this educational institution which will influence so that they plan adequately their career, that is why they are explained in detail the curriculum of the career that they are studying, and mainly the educational model Siglo (month) XXI.

With the Month XXI the UVM offers to its students concrete actions for the achievement of an integral education of high academic level, emphasizing the importance of the acquisition of knowledge, developing skills, skills and attitudes for the achievement of the meaningful learning.

For this reason, the Student Development Coordinator explained that the coordinators of each race planned for this week of the induction course very dynamic activities related to each of the degrees that are imparted in the UVM, Campus Villahermosa, “for example, the tourism race made a sample of beverages, psychology is practicing workshops in the Bioterio and in the Chamber of Gessel , civil engineering went to visit the construction of a bridge, and so all the races presented to the young activities related to the career they chose. ”

Finally, he said that during the last day of the induction course the university will present some allusive batons to the UVM which will be exhibited later in the welcome that the university gives to his students called “Put the shirt”.

Five days of training

Induction Course Duration: 9-13 May
Timetable: 9:00 to 2:00 in the evenings
Start of classes for graduate level: May 27
New student undergraduate: 900 approximately

Student Opinion:

“I feel very good and very happy to belong to the UVM, so far everything is very fun because we have not had the typical classes that are theory.”
Evelin de Jesús Vidal

“The classes I’ve had are very interesting and dynamic, the teachers have explained many things about what we will learn in the race, as our classes are going to be, the truth is good to come to college.”
Alejandra Rosique Cruz

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