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Master of Quality Management

If you are part of the staff that wants to acquire work success, the UJAT offers you the opportunity to pursue this career

May 15, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Leydi Broca
If you find yourself in an executive position in an organization or you are part of the staff who want to gain work success, and you are interested in the field of quality programs and designs within a company, you have the opportunity to pursue the “master’s degree in quality Management”. Offered by the Universidad Juarez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT)

The master’s degree is addressed to directors, officials and administrators of organizations, agencies, public or private companies, professionals in the social-administrative areas interested in developing a profile of consultants in the area of implementation of continuous improvement programs.

In the same way, it can be taken by professionals of the exact sciences interested in developing solid skills on human behavior and its importance within the programs of total quality in the industry. As well as professionals interested in developing as specialists in organizational behavior and continuous improvement.

. Whose main objective is to train students with a professional qualification, those who make use of a theoretical-practical set of organizational behavior, which allow them to approach innovative solutions to the problems faced in the organizations and to develop the theoretical foundation reflective that allows to support the expansion of skills for the implementation of programs of continuous improvement of the organizations.

Mostly in such areas as; Productivity and direction, planning and control of productive processes to achieve the management and operation, according to the processes of competitiveness and globalization that are experienced in our country and abroad. In order to train specialists with skills to diagnose, design, apply and evaluate solutions to the problems of their organizations in the areas of planning, management and administration.

Profile of the Applicant

Bachelor’s Degree
Be willing to do work in interdisciplinary groups
To have an open attitude to the exchange of ideas options, in a shared environment of knowledge search.

Have an enthusiastic attitude and a marked interest in exploring new technologies in the search for knowledge dissemination
Have work experience

Profile of the Graduate

He has skills to promote changes in organizations.
Analysis and reflection capabilities that will allow you to broaden your job insertion prospects

Duration: Two years

Number of subjects: 15

Admission Requirements:
Application for income
Notarized copy of professional title
Notarized copy of Professional certificate
Curriculum vitae
Original birth Certificate
Explanatory statement
Tuition Fee
Certificate of studies of the original degree
2 passport-sized photographs
Intermediate knowledge of languages.


First semester
Basic communication Skills
Fundamentals of Total Quality
Organizational theory

Second semester.
Statistical analysis
Organizational Behavior

Third Semester
Statistical Process Control
Systems theory

Fourth semester
The Organizational service approach I
Leadership and decision-making

Fifth semester
Quality Assurance
Fundamentals of implementation of change processes

Sixth semester
The Organizational service approach
Fundamentals and implementation of change processes

Seventh semester
The process of consulting in the organizations
Consultancy to the quality of intervention projects

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