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María Guadalupe, Flor del Café Tacotalpa 2016

After a close competition, the beautiful girl exworked in the event of choice where the joy of the people manifested

Apr 20, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Andrés Gómez
María Guadalupe Jiménez Morales is the new representative of the Tacotalpense beauty, as the afternoon of yesterday was awarded the title “Flor del Café Tacotalpa 2004” After a close competition where all the participants showed their grace, talent and sympathy.

The San Lorenzo baseball Field, was the venue of the election where the joy, fun, batons, shouts and applause that the tacotalpense people gave to each of the nine girls who participated in such an important event was manifested.

The moods began to ignite when the nine beautiful girls appeared on the stage delighting the audience with a beautiful opening with a collage of various rhythms, where they wore a very youthful outfit and once again put into practice what they learned during their training.

The batons overflowed in the top of the stands when each of the participants were called to the stage individually wearing colorful and colourful evening outfits that made the beauty of each competitor stand out.

Then each of them appeared before the audience, directing a message that made reflection mainly to various social problems such as discrimination against women, the environment, suicide, and without being able to miss the customs and traditions of TACOTALPA.

Immediately each of the nine representatives made a tour of the footbridge where they received the support of their club that despite the intense heat they did not stop chanting the name of their representative.

After they all made their tour they were invited to the stage to grant the title “Miss Photogenic” which was assigned by professional photographers Zacato Zúñiga and Hugo Díaz and corresponded to Zazil del Carmen Chávez Pérez, worthy representative of the Integrative Center Oxolotán.

The “Miss Sympathy” was then awarded in the person of María Lorena Pérez Cano, representative of the Ejido Pochitocal. It should be noted that this title was designated by all the participants who best lived with each and every one of the applicants.

The suspense and nervousness was present when the names of the five semifinalists were announced, which were Zazil of the Carmen Chávez Pérez, of Oxolotán; María Guadalupe Jiménez Morales, reform; Magdalena Pérez Ascencio, from Lomas Alegres; María Lorena Pérez Cano, from Ejido Pochitocal and María Guadalupe Torres Cruz, from Villa Tapijulapa who once again made their journey through the catwalk.

After a brief silence the jury announced the name of the three finalists: María Guadalupe Jiménez Morales, Magdalena Pérez Ascencio and María Lorena Pérez Cano, who made their last tour of the catwalk and remained in front of the stage while the name of the winner was announced.

Finally, the jury designated as Flor del Café Tacotalpa 2004 María Guadalupe Jiménez Morales, representative of the Ejido Reforma, to whom the band was imposed by the mayor, Víctor Manuel Narváez Osorio, in the company of his wife, Patricia Morales de Narváez.

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