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Orientate to New University

Imparts the UVM induction course to students of new income level degree

May 25, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Claudia Gómez
“With the aim of engaging students from the outset in all that concerns the UVM,” such as their policies, their regulations, their services, and so on, they are being taught the induction course for new students of the undergraduate level, “said Ana María Domínguez Utrera, Student Development Coordinator of the University of Valle de México , Villahermosa campus.

He said that in this way the young people will know from the beginning the regulations of this educational institution which will influence so that they plan adequately their career, that is why they are explained in detail the curriculum of the career that they are studying, and mainly the educational model Siglo (month) XXI.

With the Month XXI the UVM offers to its students concrete actions for the achievement of an integral education of high academic level, emphasizing the importance of the acquisition of knowledge, developing skills, skills and attitudes for the achievement of the meaningful learning.

For this reason, the Student Development Coordinator explained that the coordinators of each race planned for this week of the induction course very dynamic activities related to each of the degrees that are imparted in the UVM, Campus Villahermosa, “for example, the tourism race made a sample of beverages, psychology is practicing workshops in the Bioterio and in the Chamber of Gessel , civil engineering went to visit the construction of a bridge, and so all the races presented to the young activities related to the career they chose. ”

Finally, he said that during the last day of the induction course the university will present some allusive batons to the UVM which will be exhibited later in the welcome that the university gives to his students called “Put the shirt”.

Five days of training

Induction Course Duration: 9-13 May
Timetable: 9:00 to 2:00 in the evenings
Start of classes for graduate level: May 27
New student undergraduate: 900 approximately

Student Opinion:

“I feel very good and very happy to belong to the UVM, so far everything is very fun because we have not had the typical classes that are theory.”
Evelin de Jesús Vidal

“The classes I’ve had are very interesting and dynamic, the teachers have explained many things about what we will learn in the race, as our classes are going to be, the truth is good to come to college.”
Alejandra Rosique Cruz

A Premier Hit “Man in Flames”

The event was organized by the Injutab, in the framework of World Youth Day

May 25, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Leydi Broca
Full packed could be seen in the premiere of the movie “Man In Flames,” event organized by the Institute of Youth of the State of Tabasco, this as part of the events that have been contemplated in the municipality of center in the framework of the celebration of World Youth Day, which is held during all this week.

The attendants began to enter the room from 9:00 pm, people with a pass in hand requested the entrance to the hall that leads to the cinemas, being the organizers of this premier to supervise the acceptance of the youth in this event.

The young attendees certainly enjoyed the projection of this film that addresses the issue of kidnapping in Mexico from the point of view of an American policeman.

The tape was filmed in locations in the Mexican capital and has among its cast to Denzel Washington, Dakota Fannig and Mexican actors Jesús Ochoa, Carmen Salinas and Roberto Sosa.

The success and organization of the event was noted, as many young people placed a place in the halls and staircases of Room 7 to enjoy this film. It should be noted that this event will not be the last that the Injutab organizes to celebrate for the fifth time the World Youth Day in our state.
History of World Youth Day.

The United Nations considers “young people” to persons between 15 and 24 years of age, a group that constitutes the sixth part of the world’s population. Most of the youth live in developing countries and it is estimated that this proportion will increase in the 22nd century.

The idea of the International Youth Day was proposed in 1991 by the young people who met in Vienna Austria during the first session of the World Youth Forum of the United Nations. The main objective of the day is to promote awareness especially among youth, about global programmes of action for young people.

The programme of Action focuses on ten priority areas for young people: education, employment, hunger and poverty, health, environment, drug abuse, juvenile delinquency, leisure activities, girls and young women and participation of young people in society and decision-making. The programme recommends specific actions for the implementation of its objectives at the national, regional and global levels.

If you do not enter you can leave it out

What is Injutab?
It is a site created thinking of the young, because it is the integration of these in a sector representative of the Tabasco Society, offering by means of this means the necessary tools so that as young you can express yourself, to comment, to debate, to propose, etc. It was created in September 2017 with the purpose of being a catalyst for your concerns and needs.

Professionals in Tourism

It is the goal of the degree in Tourism Business Administration offered by the University of Valle de México, Villahermosa Campus

May 20, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Claudia Gómez
Virginia Open Gonzalez, coordinator of the Tourism Business Administration course of the University of Valle de México, Campus Villahermosa, commented that this degree aims to train professionals with a complete knowledge in tourism, with a critical and propositive sense in the administrative economic area, applying the main administrative and research techniques for the generation of projects aimed at creating , expansion and consolidation of companies in the field.

He emphasized that the graduate UVM of this career plays a vital role in the business world, because they have the capacity to create new companies generating in turn sources of employment, “therefore it is a great support to the economy of our country”.

“In the event that our professionals wish to belong to a certain organization are fully prepared, because they have had the opportunity to practice in companies providing tourist services throughout their careers thanks to the agreements signed with important companies operating in the region,” he said.

Also, he stressed that one of the advantages of UVM students is that they can make academic exchanges abroad, since the UVM is part of the Sylvan network, “This is a great benefit, since they manage to have a multicultural education, they can go to any university that is connected to the Sylvan network, making the UVM the equivalence of the subjects and without losing semesters” Ended.

Income profile:
Graduate of the upper middle level
extroverted, creative and empathetic personality
Interest in national and universal history
Interest in learning foreign languages
Like to travel and meet other cultures
Ability to organize, address and coordinate groups and work projects
Attitude of service, national identity, tolerant and ethical sense

Exit Profile:
Identify risks or opportunities and develop proposals
Develop administrative or operational projects for the improvement of the industry
Orientation towards achieving quality, innovation and competitiveness
Formulate and implement strategies in order to position the country as a tourist destination
Leadership for the management and control of the tourist establishments
Broad Cultural Geographic knowledge
Attitude of service to achieve the quality of Mexican hospitality
Design and organize tourism promotion campaigns
Creative and enterprising personality

Field of work:
Exercising in the administrative, promotion, research and development areas of:
Travel agencies
Recreation Companies
Carriers and shipping Companies
Hotels and Motels
Lines areas
Public offices of the tourism sector
In independent offices and consultancies:
Providing advice on the development of the tourism industry
In educational and research institutions:
Exercising the teaching and development of specific studies in the field
Teaching Chair

Study Plan:
University identity Area (Common trunk):
Quality for globalization
Socio-political and economic environment of Mexico
Computer Tools
Critical Thinking

Professional Basic Area:
Introduction to the study of tourism
Food and beverage Services
Tourist Heritage of Mexico
Accommodation establishments
Organization of restaurants and bars
* Among other basic subjects

Professional specialization area (compulsory subjects)
Professional application in food and beverages
Operation of lodging establishments
Food Administration and preparation
Professional application in hosting establishments
Administration of bars and oenology
Food and beverage cost analysis and control
Planning of the tourist area
Organization of the tourist transport
Tourist legislation
Social Marketing and services
Quality Management in the service
Professional Ethics in tourism companies
Formulation of tourism projects
Professional application in Travel services
Group Management and Operation
Tourism marketing
Tourism Business Accounting
Tourism Research Seminar
Evaluation of tourism projects
Animation and Recreation
Sustainable tourism

Elective subjects:
Company Address
Diagnosing the corporate image
Air transport
Management Strategies by Quality
* Among other

Next Admissions exam: August 13th
Opening hours: 10:00 hours

More reports:
UVM, Unit the Amate
Phone: (01 993) 358-01-20
Carretera Villahermosa, teapa KM. 0 + 300
Fraccionamiento El Amate

Guadalupe Unit
Phone: (01 993) 310-09-60
Av. México No. 703 Fraccionamiento Guadalupe

Master of Quality Management

If you are part of the staff that wants to acquire work success, the UJAT offers you the opportunity to pursue this career

May 15, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Leydi Broca
If you find yourself in an executive position in an organization or you are part of the staff who want to gain work success, and you are interested in the field of quality programs and designs within a company, you have the opportunity to pursue the “master’s degree in quality Management”. Offered by the Universidad Juarez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT)

The master’s degree is addressed to directors, officials and administrators of organizations, agencies, public or private companies, professionals in the social-administrative areas interested in developing a profile of consultants in the area of implementation of continuous improvement programs.

In the same way, it can be taken by professionals of the exact sciences interested in developing solid skills on human behavior and its importance within the programs of total quality in the industry. As well as professionals interested in developing as specialists in organizational behavior and continuous improvement.

. Whose main objective is to train students with a professional qualification, those who make use of a theoretical-practical set of organizational behavior, which allow them to approach innovative solutions to the problems faced in the organizations and to develop the theoretical foundation reflective that allows to support the expansion of skills for the implementation of programs of continuous improvement of the organizations.

Mostly in such areas as; Productivity and direction, planning and control of productive processes to achieve the management and operation, according to the processes of competitiveness and globalization that are experienced in our country and abroad. In order to train specialists with skills to diagnose, design, apply and evaluate solutions to the problems of their organizations in the areas of planning, management and administration.

Profile of the Applicant

Bachelor’s Degree
Be willing to do work in interdisciplinary groups
To have an open attitude to the exchange of ideas options, in a shared environment of knowledge search.

Have an enthusiastic attitude and a marked interest in exploring new technologies in the search for knowledge dissemination
Have work experience

Profile of the Graduate

He has skills to promote changes in organizations.
Analysis and reflection capabilities that will allow you to broaden your job insertion prospects

Duration: Two years

Number of subjects: 15

Admission Requirements:
Application for income
Notarized copy of professional title
Notarized copy of Professional certificate
Curriculum vitae
Original birth Certificate
Explanatory statement
Tuition Fee
Certificate of studies of the original degree
2 passport-sized photographs
Intermediate knowledge of languages.


First semester
Basic communication Skills
Fundamentals of Total Quality
Organizational theory

Second semester.
Statistical analysis
Organizational Behavior

Third Semester
Statistical Process Control
Systems theory

Fourth semester
The Organizational service approach I
Leadership and decision-making

Fifth semester
Quality Assurance
Fundamentals of implementation of change processes

Sixth semester
The Organizational service approach
Fundamentals and implementation of change processes

Seventh semester
The process of consulting in the organizations
Consultancy to the quality of intervention projects

Symposium on Sheep

The experiences of experts will serve to raise new schemes of sheep production in the entity, said the rectory of the UJAT at the inauguration of the event

May 5, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Leydi Broca
With the aim of orienting local producers and turning Tabasco into one of the largest producers of sheep in the Southeast, specialists from the United States, Spain and Mexico speak several lectures during the first international symposium on Tropical Sheep that was inaugurated by Candita Gil Jiménez, rector of the Universidad Juarez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT).

In the presence of Jaime Lastra Escudero, Secretary of Agricultural development, forestry and fisheries, who went on behalf of Manuel Andrade Díaz, state constitutional governor, the rector of the highest house of studies said that the appropriate agroecological conditions that the entity and the southeast region, favor the development of this species with great prospects for growth.

During the event organized by the Mexican Association of Sheep breeders and breeders Associates of the southeast, Gil Jiménez said that this symposium will make it possible to pay the way for the sheep to be more profitable, self-sufficient, modern and competitive, “without doubt the experiences of the experts of America and Europe, to raise new schemes of production,” he said.

The UJAT, committed to research: Gil Jiménez

The UJAT is committed to promoting research and applying it to the benefit of the region, he added Gil Jiménez at the time of urging producers and government authorities to add efforts to transfer technology, genetic improvement of species, the expansion of marketing systems and the transformation of derivatives such as meat, milk and skin.

In the Ship III of the Tabasco Park, Dagoberto Lara Silks, president of Breeders Asociados of the southeast, said that the Mexican southeast is giving the guideline to start a new phase in the national sheep, so that both producers and technicians and researchers need to join forces to consolidate this sector in its greater potential.

After the inauguration ceremony the papers were lectured, “potential of sheep in grazing conditions”, “profitability of sheep exploitation in the tropics”, “new alternatives for parasitic control in tropical sheep”, “aspects of grazing and fattening production”, “traceability and new feeding methods”.

For today, as of 9:30 hours, the topics “genetic improvement as an alternative to promote and improve the competitiveness in production of sheep meat”, “brucellosis”, “quality in carcasses and cuts of sheep” and “integration in the productive chain” will be discussed.

It should be noted that the International symposium is part of the IV National exhibition of hair sheep that culminates until August 15, where more than 700 specimens of sheep from the states of Nuevo León, Aguascalientes, Yucatán and Veracruz are exhibited, among others.

Producer Orientation

UJAT researchers contribute to the livestock development of the entity

Event organisers: Mexican Association of Sheep breeders and breeders partners from the southeast
Symposium Place: In the Ship III of the Parque Tabasco
Timetable: from 09:30 hours
Event Term: 15 August
Exhibition: More than 700 copies of sheep


Potential of sheep in grazing conditions
Profitability of a sheep farm in the tropics
New alternatives for parasitic control in tropical sheep
Aspects of production in grazing and fattening
Traceability and new feeding methods
Genetic improvement as an alternative to promote and improve competitiveness in sheep meat production
Quality in carcasses and cuts of sheep
Integration into the productive chain “

Imparts UJAT Diploma in Photography

The objective is to train the student in the use and management of photographic techniques in order to obtain images of excellent quality in the development and activity of his work or career

May 1, 2017
Villahermosa, Tabasco
by Leydi Broca
The photograph is defined as a procedure by which permanent images are found on sensitized surfaces, by means of the photochemical action of light and other forms of radiant energy.

It is in today’s society a means of information, an instrument of science and technology, essential in business, industry, advertising, journalistic media and various recreational activities, its use and management is considered fundamental in the academic life of teachers, students and the general public.

The aim of the diploma in photography that is held at the Communication and marketing center of the UJAT, is to train the student in the use and management of photographic techniques in order to obtain images of excellent quality in the development and activity of his work or career.

This diploma is developed in the open and face-to-face modality, the participant will use the various resources, in which the photography is linked for the development of its daily activities.

Income profile

Be an undergraduate or professional degree student.
Possess basic photography knowledge.
Ability to work as a team and with interdisciplinary groups.


Module I: Technique, History of photography, camera lenses, filters for black and white, flash, accessories, photographic film.

Module II The photographic composition, rules and norms of the photographic composition, photographic styles, photography uses.

Module III Light: Nature of light, properties, light and meter, photographic practice

Module IV; Black and white photo lab, installation, equipment and accessories, development processes, black-and-white photographic papers, printing process, practices.

Module V: Color: Color theory, filters for color, obturation, Harris, practices.

Module VI: Reversible film (slides), features; e-6 process; Practices.

Module VII: Photo studio: Installation, equipment and accessories; Lighting techniques; Portrait; Products; Practices.

Module VIII: Digital photography: the digital camera; Objectives; Equipment and accessories; practices.

Duration of the Diploma

The Diploma in Photography will have a duration of 4 months and is distributed by 8 modules. The student must approve each one of them in order to prove it.

Profr. Edmundo Segura Suez

Place: Communication and Marketing Center

Cost $1, 100.00 general public

$550.00 Students of the Ujat

Timetable: Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 20:00 hrs.

From 2 May to May 10, 2017

Start Date: May 15, 2017.

Quota: Limited